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PUBLIC COLLECTIONS (currently known)


  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y.

  • Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, N.Y.

  • Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

  • Ackland Art Museum, University of North Carolina, N.C.

  • Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.




Churchill, Allen            “Improper Bohemians”

                                     Dalton 1959, New York

Hellman, George S.     “Lanes of Memory”

                                      Frontpiece illustration

                                      Alfred A. Knopf 1927, New York


Parry, Albert                “Garrets & Pretenders”

                                     Covici-Friede, Inc 1933, New York

Poore, Henry Rankin   “Modern Art, Why, What & How”

                                      G.P. Putname Sons 1931, New York &




1927                “11th Annual Exhibition of the Society of

                        Independent Artists” Society of Independent

                        Artists, New York, N.Y.


1927                “Exposition D’Oeuvres du Peintre Americain

                        Clivette” Chez Bernheim-Jeune Editeures D’Art,

                        Paris, France


1927                “Exhibition of Modern Art”

                        California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln

                        Park San Francisco, CA


1929                “Exhibition of Watercolor Paintings, Pastels and

                         Drawings by American and European Artists and

                         Miniatures by the Brooklyn Society of Miniature

                         painters” Brooklyn Museum,  Brooklyn, N.Y.

1929                “Who’s Who in Art 1929”

                        American Art Annual Vol XXVI

                        American Federation of Arts, Washington D.C.


1929                “Spring Salon 1929”

                        Salons of America, Inc, New York, N.Y.


1929                “Free Exhibition of Gustave Nassauer’s Collection of

                         Paintings by Clivette” Art Center, New York, N.Y.


1930                “Paintings & Sculptures by Living Americans”

                         Museum of Modern Art & Plandome Press,

                         New York, N.Y.


1932                “Notable Paintings & Drawings Chiefly of the

                         Modern School” American-Anderson Notes, Vol III

                         #3 American Art Association, Anderson Galleries Inc,

                         New York, N.Y.


2004                “Merton Clivette, The Man in Black”

                         CaliforniaView Fine Arts, Los Gatos, CA


Jan 2, 1927      L’Art Vivant, “New Artists” by P.H.

Jan 15, 1927    New York Sun, review by Henry McBride

Jan 15, 1927    New York Evening Post

Jan 22, 1927    New York Evening Post

Jan 23, 1927    New York Times

Jan 24, 1927    Time Magazine

Jan 29, 1927    Art News

Feb 1, 1927      Art Digest, “Clivette Arrives with a Boomity Boom”

Mar 15, 1927    Art Digest

May 27, 1927   Artists & Models Magazine, “The World of Art”

                         by Jeremy Warner

Jun 18, 1927    Art News

Jul 24, 1927     New York Times, “Now on Exhibition in Paris”

                         by Ruth Green Harris

Aug 1927          Art Digest, “Clivette in Paris”

Dec 1927          Art Digest

Dec 24, 1927    Art News

Dec 31, 1927   Christian Science Monitor, review by Ralph Flint

Jan 1928          Creative Art, “Gallery Notes” by Marya Mannes

Feb 19, 1928   San Francisco Examiner, “Two New Canvases

                        by Clivette at Palace”

Nov 1928         Art Digest

Dec 16, 1928   Detroit Free Press

Dec 17, 1928   Time Magazine

Dec 20, 1928   Detroit Evening Times,  by Ralph Holmes

Dec 22, 1928   Art News

Feb 1929         Argus Magazine, “Oakland Debunks Clivette”

Feb 1929         Argonant Magazine, “The Clivette Invasion”

                        by Junius Cravens

Feb 1929         Oakland Tribune, “Is Clivette an Artist or Faker”

                        by Florence W. Lehre

Feb 1929         Art Digest

Nov 24, 1929   New York Herald Tribune, review

                        by Carlisle Burrows

Nov 24, 1929   New York Times

Nov 24, 1929   Journal American, review

                         by William B. McCormick

Nov 24, 1929   New York World

Aug 17, 1930   Brooklyn Daily Times, review

                        by Lillian Semons

Sep 1930         Art Digest

Sep 4, 1930     The New York Evening Post, review

                        by Aaron Marc Stein

May 9, 1931    New York Times, “Merton Clivette, Artist Dies at 62”

May 9, 1931    New York Sun, “Clivette Dies at Age 62”

May 9, 1931    New York World-Telegram, “Clivette Orders

                        Ashes Flung to the Four Winds”

Aug 30, 1931   Los Angeles Times, “Clivette the Eternalist”

Dec 12, 1932   New York Evening Post, review

                         by Aaron Marc Stein

Apr 23, 1933    New York Enquirer, “Clivette Paintings

                         Now on Exhibition”

Feb 25 1934    Philadelphia Record, review by Weldon Bailey

Dec 25, 1934   Philadelphia Public Ledger

Oct 1993          Art & Auction, “Merton Clivette at Couturier”

                         by Leigh Ann Clifton


Note: The information on this resume was derived from primary sources researched by the descendants of Merton Clivette. The resume continues to be updated as more information is discovered regarding exhibitions, publications, commissions and works held in public and private collections

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