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Clivette's show at the Bernheim Jeune in Paris

1923     Ainslee Art Galleries
             677 Fifth Ave. New York, N.Y.
1925     Spanish Society
             239 W. 14th St. New York, N.Y.
             Two Person Exhibition (review)
1927     Palace of the Legion of Honor 
             San Francisco, CA (review)
1927     Society of Independent Artists
             The Waldorf-Astoria, New York, N.Y.
             “11th Annual Exhibition” (catalogue, review)
1928     Ainslee Gallery
             Fisher Building, Detroit, MI (catalogue, review)
1929     Brooklyn Museum of Art
             Brooklyn, N.Y.
             “Exhibition of Watercolor Paintings, Pastels &
             Drawings by American & European Artists”
1929     The Anderson Galleries
             489 Park Ave. New York, N.Y.
             “Spring Salon” (catalogue)
1929     Corona Mundi International Art Center of the Roerich
             Museum 310 Riverside Dr. New York, N.Y.
             “Exhibition of Modern Art from the collection of
              George Hellman”

1929     The Oakland Gallery (precursor to the
             Oakland Museum) Oakland, CA (reviews)
1930     Museum of Modern Art
             New York, N.Y.
             “Paintings and Sculpture by Living Americans”
1931     Los Angeles Museum
             Los Angeles, CA (review)
1932     The Anderson Galleries
             30 E 57th St. New York, N.Y.
             “Notable Paintings & Drawings Chiefly
              of the Modern School” (catalogue)
1934     Philadelphia Museum of Art
             Philadelphia, PA
1934     Los Angeles Museum
             Los Angeles, CA (reviews)
1935     Contemporary Arts
             New York, N.Y.
             “Collection of Burton Emmett”
Note: The information on this resume was derived from primary sources researched by the descendants of Merton Clivette. The resume continues to be updated as more information is discovered regarding exhibitions, publications, commissions and works held in public and private collections

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